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City of Redding Utilities

The Public Works Utilities are dedicated to providing our customers with reliable water, wastewater and storm drain services now and in the future.

    What are the City Utilities?


    The Storm Drain, Wastewater and Water Utilities are divisions of the Public Works department of the City of Redding. Redding Utilities provide reliable water, wastewater and storm drain services to approximately 90,000 Redding area residents. Two water treatment plants and over 500 miles of water pipe provide potable water to residents and businesses. Over 400 miles of sewer pipe and two wastewater treatment plants convey and treat wastewater from indoor sinks, toilets and drains at homes and businesses. Almost 400 miles of storm drain pipes and channels provide drainage for rainwater on our city streets to prevent flooding during the winter by carrying water to creeks and the Sacramento River.

    For current Water, Wastewater, and Storm Drain projects out for bid as well as bid results, click here.


    Report incidents of Water Waste


    Please note that this pre-populated form may not work with some e-mail programs and it might be necessary for you to cut and paste the body of the e-mail into your own program

    We appreciate you taking the time to inform us of water waste you have observed in the community.  Be advised that, due to the increasing number of e-mails and phone call messages, we cannot respond to each report individually.  Reported incidents will be prioritized and we will make every effort to respond in a timely manner. Thank you for your patience!

    In Other News

    Got an old leaky, damaged, or clogged sewer lateral?

    Are you a City of Redding Utility customer?

    You may be eligible for up to $5,000 to replace that lateral!  Follow the link below for details on the Private Lateral Upgrade Support program

    Enterprise & Cascade Area Water Main Flushing Information

    During March, water crews will be flushing water mains in selected areas of the Enterprise and Cascade neighborhoods.  Please click here 
    for more informaiton.


    United States Drought Monitor - US

    United States Drought Monitor - CA


    An Urgency Ordinance implementing Stage II of the City's Drought Management Plan (implementing new State regulations) was approved by the City Council on August 5, 2014. Get the facts here

    2013 Water Quality Report Available Now! 

    The latest report as well as archived reports dating to 1999 are available online here.